Phil Pope –Treasurer
Our Treasurer Phil Pope is a well established Kiwanian and accountant. He was named the "Kiwanian of the Year" at the officers induction in October. Phil truly deserves the accolade for outstanding efforts he puts forth on the behalf of the Kiwanis Club of the Stroudsburgs. This puts him in the contention to be the "Greatest Kiwanian" that ever lived. A title held by another member who wishes to remain anonymous.
Phil is an associate at Frank Brown CPA. He has been a member of Kiwanis since 1994.
You can contact Phil here:
Mary Ann Armillei -Secretary
Mary Ann Armillei or M.A., as she is fondly called, has been our Secretary for decades. Discretion has never been an attribute for M.A., she will let you know if information or tasks need to be addressed. She is a landmark of a personality that any service club leaders should emulate. As we all agree and say, "She's ours and you can't have her."
You can contact M.A. here:
Lorianne Mulvey - Immediate Past President
Lorianne is a natural born leader. Her ability to get priorities, implement plans, and delegate responsibilities are exceptional. Her emotion and verve are contagious that makes implementing a plan an adventure in organizational art. Always ready to have fun which is the fundamental base of all her plans. Being President is, as stated before, a natural fit.
You can contact Lorianne here:

Michele Gallagher - President
Here is the most fun loving member in Kiwanis. She has shown, whether you are planning a meeting or a complex fund raiser, never has do be a humdrum experience. Whether a leader or a follower of directives, Michele is always open to new ideas and ways of doing things. Constantly striving for success, this is a basic element that drives her with enthusiasm. Actually a relatively new member, just over a year, Michele has taken to the Kiwanis members, ideals, and principles.
You can contact Michele here:
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